Miel Cardinael, designer of things and spaces.
Clamping tools, glue, coffee and scale models: things which are always hanging around. At home parts lie about without any clear purpose until, over time, ten different versions exist. Prototypes come and go. Sketches on the back of a child’s drawing.
A special and enduring bond between the object and its user is the starting point. Miel goes for an experimental approach to material, construction and user experience. Test, examine, set aside and start again. Plane and sand. Seeing solutions to problems you don’t yet have.
Some facts:
Lives and works in Ghent. - Teaches at KASK / School of Arts, where he also studied.
Awards and nominations: Bronzen Leaf IFDA Design Award 2011 (Japan), OVAM Ecodesign Award Pro 2010, Henry van de Velde Label 2007.
Participation in group exhibitions in places such as Milan, South Korea, Canada, the USA  Japan...